Verona is a triumph of colours, from the green of the hills that enhance the grey colour of the Roman Theatre, to the jade of the Adige river that flows through the city, from the brick red of the medieval buildings dating to the Scaligeri age, to the many colours of the frescoed houses at Erbe Square, muted by time. 

In Verona, the stone has been worked and exported since ancient times. It colours in pink and white the monuments and the façades of churches, such as Santa Anastasia and the Cathedral, palaces, buildings, ancient and modern architectural elements, such as the mosaic-like texture, conceived by the Architect Carlo Scarpa for the "sacello" at the Castelvecchio Museum.

In the city, nature and architecture come together to form a harmonious whole that is a joy to behold. Join me on a creative discovery of Verona, through the shades of colour and the traces of history.

Duration 3 hours