About me ...

Welcome! My name is Erika, I was born and I live in the sorroundings of Verona. After graduating in foreign languages and literature with historical address, I worked in a company in the export department for about ten years. I specialized in marketing with a master degree in the U.S. and I travelled the world. I learned a lot about cultures that are far from ours but just as interesting.

In 2007 after a selective examination I qualified as a tour guide in Verona and its Province, since then I have been regularly  attending courses on subjects such as history, art and literature to keep myself up to date. I love my job because I can meet every day a lot of people and let them know the artistic and cultural heritage of Verona. 

I recently fell in love with contemporary art, that opened to me new horizons!

I believe in the power of beauty, I love travelling, visiting cities, museums and exhibitions, but I also adore walking immersed in nature.

My favourite season is Fall, October, the month when I was born, when the city wears the warmest colours of the year.

Come and visit Verona with me, I 'll be happy to let you discover its artistic and cultural heritage!