Verona is colour, it is vibration, it is irradiation, art that has become landscape and has merged with the landscape.
(From Guido Piovene, Viaggio in Italia)

The hills form the backdrop to Verona, the Adige river outlines its contours, and a wide, well-preserved city wall, remodelled over time, surrounds the city, making it a UNESCO World Heritage Site. In the historic centre you can find Roman ruins next to medieval architecture, Erbe Square and Signori Square are full of history,  the roman ArenaCastelvecchio, a fortress that houses art treasures, the elegance of Renaissance palaces, churches with precious works of art and religious art, museums and private collections

Every step you take in Verona is an opportunity to admire art, faith, history and legend.

Visit Verona and discover its artistic and cultural heritage with a professional licensed tour guide.

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In the section - My tours - I propose a selcction of itineraries, designed according to my taste and my knowledge to offer you the best of the city and its sorroundings. 

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